Saturday, December 05, 2020

Tribute from Bianca S.

In Loving Memory of Bunty... I would like to pay tribute to my beautiful boy Bunty. One day I was crying in my backyard, I was in total despair as my brother had been killed in an accident and my life couldn't have been darker. All of a sudden a ginger cat comes under the fence towards me meowing and thin. I fed him and he never left. My mother and I had no intention of having a cat but he had other ideas. He was there daily and before I knew it with his beautifully bossy, vocal and demanding personality he was in the house then in my bed sleeping with me and finally in my heart forever. He would howl in the morning for me to get up and feed him. He was the ONLY reason I would get out of bed in my grief. I feel that he saved our lives, he was my reason to get up everyday. Bunty was only with me for 4 short years. He was only 6 and became very ill and eventually blind. He had a very tough 2020 and eventually passed from his illness. I am heartbroken. My heart shattered into a million pieces losing him. I knew nothing about cats before Bunty and he opened my heart up wide and also opened it to a whole new world. The amazing world of cats. I am a different person because of him and my heart has changed for the better. I believe that I will see him again because our bond was so strong. I would like the world to know what a wonderful miracle Bunty was to me. He is my angel and I will love him forever. I will forever support cats and he would be happy...

Bianca S.: The Woodlands, TX