Date of Death:   Monday, December 25, 2023
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Jilly Bean

One of our rescue partners in Austin, TX sent us the screenshot below and asked if we could help. They rescued her after seeing the post. She was found on the side of a road on the hottest day of summer panting, drooling, and unsteady. The rescue’s vet determined she was very dehydrated, elderly and blind. After several weeks of recovery, Jilly was transported to us in September 2022.

Our vet estimated she was 14-16 years old when she arrived. She had an upper respiratory infection and severe infection in both ears when she arrived, which were treated immediately. She was then checked by our animal ophthalmologist who found she has detached retinas due to high blood pressure that went unchecked.

On Christmas morning of 2023, we found she had passed in her sleep, curled up in her favorite bed. Her time with us was far too short, but she had her heated bed to warm her old bones, plenty of good food, and lots of love. Fly free, sweet girl. You were so loved.