Date of Death:   Thursday, August 25, 2022
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Our sweet boy, Jack, passed away on August 25, 2022. He was rushed to the veterinarian after we found what we thought was a large ruptured abscess on his lower jaw. He looked fine the previous afternoon so it took us all by surprise.

Once he was sedated, the veterinarian called and reported it was actually very aggressive bone cancer. We made the decision not wake him up. He was FIV+ and 17 years old. His prognosis was not good and as much as we wanted him to live, we couldn't let him suffer.

Everyone, including all the cats, will miss him terribly. There wasn't a cat, dog, or human whom he didn't love. He welcomed every new cat to the sanctuary with head butts and patience. We called him The Mayor. He shook everyone's paw and told them they were ok now.

Fly free sweet boy. Til we meet again...


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