Date of Death:   Tuesday, August 23, 2016
  • Gypsy-1


Gypsy came to us from a someone who was leaving the country on an extended business trip. We knew that she was a bit feral but hoped that we could socialize her and find her the perfect home. Despite our efforts to socialize her, she just wasn't having it. So, we welcomed her with open arms to our Sanctuary to spend the rest of her life with us.

Gypsy would allow us to pet her if we made an offering of treats first so we spoiled her with lots of treats and petting. Gypsy became best friends with Bagel and rarely left her side. One of her favorite things to do was watch the wildlife atop the big tree trunk in our outdoor enclosure.

When Gypsy left us, she took a piece of our hearts with her. We will miss this beautiful girl. Rest in peace, sweet girl ... we love you.