Date of Death:   Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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CiCi's story was heartbreaking. A fellow rescuer in Cedar Creek, Texas heard a cat crying one night and went outside to investigate. She could hear the cat but couldn't tell where the cries were coming from. Finally after much calling, CiCi was found high up in an oak tree, clinging for dear life.

Cici was rescued by a local rescuer after someone had shot her with a high powered rifle. Her rear leg was dangling, barely attached. Despite his best efforts, the veterinarian was unable to save her leg and it was amputated. That's when she came to live with us.

CiCi was a sassy, loveable girl. While she enjoyed sitting in our laps, she really preferred to hang out with her large circle of friends who liked to groom her. We didn't take it personally and were happy to share our time with her kitty friends.

We will miss sweet Cici. We look forward to meeting again at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, sweet angel ... we love you.