Date of Death:   Friday, August 18, 2023
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Charlie came to us from the Good Shepherd Humane Society in Eureka Springs in June 2023. She arrived with her brother, BigFoot, after their owner passed away. Both were considered "super seniors" as Charlie was 20 and BigFoot was 22. Unfortunately, BigFoot was found to have a massive tumor in his chest shortly after arriving at the sanctuary. It was pressing on all of his organs, including his lungs, and we felt it the kindest thing to do was to let him go and stop his suffering. Charlie was a beautiful, dilute tortoiseshell girl. She was incredibly sweet and had no problem letting you know in her loudest voice that dinner was late. Unfortunately, she started exhibiting symptoms of kidney failure. After treating her for a few weeks with little improvement, our vet felt the kindest thing was to let her go. We never want to keep a cat in pain or suffering so we agreed. Although she wasn't with us for long, we miss her terribly. She had a big, beautiful presence in the sanctuary. Fly free, pretty girl.