Date of Death:   Friday, August 05, 2022
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At the Austin Humane Society's Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic, they would, on rare occasion, pull back the trap cover to sedate a cat for surgery and discover the cat was sitting next to a pile of newborn kittens. This was Bagel's story. With no foster available who had feral cat experience, the little family went to live at the sanctuary until the kittens were old enough for adoption. By that time, they had forgotten where Bagel had been trapped and were unable release her. So, she stayed with us at the sanctuary.

Bagel was as feral as the day we met her and despite our best efforts, she refused to trust us. Bagel lived a comfortable and safe life with us. She liked to mother some of the other cats at the sanctuary, especially the boys.

She was one of our oldest girls and completely feral to the end. She had been battling kidney failure and declined rapidly the final week of her life. She told us it was time and we let her gently cross. We will all miss you, feisty girl. We know you really were not mean and you knew we all loved you. Till we meet again...