The weather just started getting really cold when a sanctuary volunteer noticed an old pick-up truck in the alley behind her home. It was an odd sight at 4am. The truck door opened and 3 dogs and 2 cats, all white, came flying out. She was witnessing animals heartlessly being dumped.

Unfortunately, it was too dark to get the license plate number or even see the make of the truck. The animals were confused and frozen in fear. When the animals wouldn’t disperse, the people threw rocks at them. Our volunteer ran out and by the time she reached the alley, there was no sign of any of them.

A few weeks later, a white mom cat showed up at the volunteer’s feeding station (Purrscilla) with her 2 white kittens (Violet and Marie). Fearing the kittens wouldn’t survive the freeze expected that night, she reached out to our shelter director who trapped mom and kittens immediately.

Of the two kittens, we anticipated Violet would be the last to socialize, but she had other plans. She’s very observant and was quick to learn from the other cats that human interaction equaled lots of purrs. She was the first to sit still for scratches and cuddles. It’s amazing what patience and lots of love will do to sooth the skittish heart. She’s now an absolutely love. We don’t think she would be adoptable through normal channels, as she’s just socialized to the shelter staff and volunteers. But she continues to thrive and show Mom and Sis that humans are OK.

Her favorite spot is in the kitchen window where she can watch the birds at the feeder. When not watching over the birds, she can be found searching for her little catnip mouse she’s likely flung under the washer. There’s a whole family of catnip mice living under there now.


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