Tsunami and her son, Stormy came to us from a local rescue group who needed a safe place for them. They showed up on their front porch together to eat but were too scared to be tamed. They had to be trapped to be neutered and spayed. It was a very stormy day the traps were set. There was a concern that only one of them would be trapped, leaving the other behind. Luck was on their side that rainy day and both mother and son went into their own traps.

After surgery, taming still proved difficult. Even if they were tamed, they would only be trusting of their caregivers and would not be good candidates for adoption. They could not return to their original neighborhood so they were brought to the Sanctuary to live their life together in comfort and safety.

Tsunami remains very skittish but we are making progress with her son, Stormy. We will keep at it and perhaps in time, mom will learn to trust us and let us love on them both.


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