Tasha came to us from the Springdale, Arkansas shelter as a normal, healthy kitten. We had just brought Pancho to the Sanctuary and we realized he needed another kitten to encourage him to play and overcome his nerve damage from the hawk. Tasha was an instant fit. Pancho loved her. They cuddled together, wrestled and, most importantly, they ran everywhere! Pancho began to feel and act like a normal kitten. They quickly became inseparable and we didn’t have the heart to take Tasha away from Pancho and put her up for adoption.

So Tasha remained at the Sanctuary as rambunctious as the day she arrived. If there’s a high point in a room, she finds it. We have nicknamed her "The Flying Squirrel." Her favorite thing is to jump on your back and ride on your LEFT shoulder. She’s a beautiful girl with an adventurous spirit and will always remain Pancho's girl.


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