In May 2023, Stevie came to us from Shoal Bay Animal Haven in New Blaine, AR. He came to them from a lady in Hector, AR. Not much else about his history is known, other than he's an adult and blind. He's made friends with everyone in the garage area, including us humans! We chat with him and tell him he's loved. His favorite thing is to have his face gently rubbed and will give us a breathy squeak to show his approval.

Stevie is Sponsored!

I don’t live too far from Shoal Bay Animal Haven and I was touched by Stevie’s story when he came to them. I have always loved cats, I have two inside spoiled boys and one is very dominant. I knew I couldn’t take care of a special needs boy, but I’m so happy to follow his journey and help also. Thank you for all you do for all the special needs babies. ~ Natalie Martindale

I'm sponsoring Stevie because he came to you from my local shelter and I had followed his journey there. I was so worried about him finding a home. I have several dogs and cats of my own so I could not take him in. I’m so glad he is happy with you guys. ~ Julia Sutton

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