When a rescue from southern Missouri contacted us in July of 2022 about a blind cat that was found as a stray, we knew we had to take action. Rosie was found with a bulging eye that had to be immediately removed however, the vet who performed the enucleation gave her no antibiotics and most surprisingly, no pain meds. Our eye specialist was able to see her immediately and get her much more comfortable. Unfortunately, she has glaucoma in her remaining eye which may need to be removed in the future. She can see shadows in that eye so for now, she’s on pressure-relieving eye drops 3 times a day until they no longer work and that eye will also be removed.

She was unsurprisingly cranky when she arrived, but she’s now mellowed and has discovered the top of the dryer is the coziest place for a snooze. She gets around well and never misses meals. She’s an affectionate girl with incredibly soft, rabbit-like fur. We love her 5” tail that kinks to the right. It’s likely a birth defect.

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