Pixel and his sister, Skyla, came to us from a local rescue group. Not much is known about this beautiful pair of blind kitties other than they were given to someone at a PetSmart in Arkansas. From there, they passed hands until they landed with the rescue where they were fostered until permanent homes could be found. Unfortunately, placing special needs kitties is especially difficult in this part of the country. The rescue reached out to us for assistance and we accepted them into our sanctuary. Both kitties were born blind with underdeveloped eyeballs, which were removed to prevent infection.

The interesting thing about blind cats is that they do not know they are blind. They have never had sight so it is all normal for them. They navigate life through their other senses: sound, smell, touch, taste. These siblings have excellent hearing - they can hear the crinkling of the treat bag from anywhere!

Pixel is a fearless, adventurous boy and always in a great mood. We have never heard him growl or swat at another cat or even be the least bit annoyed. If you call his name, he comes running or will start twisting his head like he wants his belly rubbed. It is absolutely precious! Pixel and his sister still remain very close and you can often find them sleeping together in an adorable, fluffy pile.

Pixel is Sponsored!

I was drawn to Pixel because of his adorable face. I sponsor him in honor of Muffin, my daughter's blind kitty who has taught me just how capable and clever a totally blind kitty can be. Long and happy life, sweet Pixel!

--Marcia Sanderson


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