Meet Max! Max joined our sanctuary family in 2019. At first, he occasionally visited the sanctuary to dine with our feral cats. When his visits became more frequent and he decided to hang out every day, we knew it was time to do some investigative work. Once we determined that he did not belong to neighbors, we caught Max and took him to our veterinarian for a checkup and to be neutered. He did not have a microchip and judging from his dirty fur and the dozens of ticks on him, it was obvious that he had been on the streets for quite some time.

Max is no longer on the streets and is now living the high life at our sanctuary. He is a gorgeous brown manx and we affectionately call him the gentle giant. He is an independent cat and is very easy-going. Max is a big fan of head scratches - the more scratching, the better! His other favorite pastimes include methodically making his rounds about the sanctuary ensuring that everything is in order and being a couch potato and catching ZZZZZ's.

Approximate Date of Birth: 1/1/2016


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