Mary Jane

We received an email that began, "My ex husband is dying and has a cat that is unsocial in respect to letting people touch her and I think has been traumatized." Mary Jane's owner was dying and this nine year old girl needed somewhere to go. She wasn't welcomed by the local shelter in Hot Springs, Arkansas due to her temperament. Her owner loved her and we were determined to help his passing by guaranteeing him and his family that she would have a loving and understanding place to land when the time came.

The call came in December 2021 and we made the three hour drive south to pick her up. It took all of our cat wrangling skills to catch and transport her safely. She was angry, confused and scared. Her whole world had been turned upside down. It took her a few weeks to decompress but by offering her lots of hiding spots, it has allowed her to follow our movements while feeling safe.

When Mary Jane first arrived she would not allow anyone to touch her and any attempts resulted in needing bandaids. With patience, always speaking calmly and saying her name repeatedly, she is slowly becoming such a different cat. She is now rubbing against our legs and will let us gently scratch the top of her head. We can tell she desperately wants attention but is too scared to understand we mean her no harm. We are confident she will continue to come around with lots of love and kindness. Temptation chicken treats are her weakness!


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