The weather just started getting really cold when a sanctuary volunteer noticed an old pick-up truck in the alley behind her home. It was an odd sight at 4am. The truck door opened and 3 dogs and 2 cats, all white, came flying out. She was witnessing animals heartlessly being dumped.

Unfortunately, it was too dark to get the license plate number or even see the make of the truck. The animals were confused and frozen in fear. When the animals wouldn’t disperse, the people threw rocks at them. Our volunteer ran out and by the time she reached the alley, there was no sign of any of them.

A few weeks later, a white mom cat showed up at the volunteer’s feeding station (Purrscilla) with her 2 white kittens (Violet and Marie). Fearing the kittens wouldn’t survive the freeze expected that night, she reached out to our shelter director who trapped mom and kittens immediately.

Marie remains a bit skittish, but we’re patient. As long as we don’t make any sudden moves, she will allow us to pet her and scratch her chin. She still runs from us and doesn’t tolerate picking up. We give her another month before she’s seeking us out for snuggling. Both sisters are absolutely beautiful and so gentle. Mom still watches over them both and they can often be found in a puddle of white, snoozing away.

Marie’s personality is more adventurous than her sister’s. Marie’s favorite spot is on top of the washer, in the windowsill or trying to open kitchen cabinets. She doesn’t want to go in the cabinets, she’s just intensely curious as to what’s inside. She’ll pull down all the contents then sit by them so proudly. Silly girl.


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