Juniper grew up wild outside a storage facility in Springdale, AR. At some point in her life, she was hit by a car and went blind in one eye. When her caretaker learned she was being transferred to another facility, quick action was required to find Juniper a home as the new manager was moving in soon with two cat-eating dogs. A local rescue asked if we could help and mentioned she had a "dependent". We couldn't split up this little family so her young daughter, Sofie, also became a resident. We were warned neither were particularly friendly but that we'd have a better chance of socializing Sofie as she was still young. Both mother & daughter were brought into the sanctuary to acclimate in the garage area. Stevie and Timmy had just arrived and welcomed the two new girls. Juniper fell in love with Stevie so they settled in beautifully. Our volunteers worked diligently to gain their trust and we're happy to report they both now seek attention and love being gently scatched. They have truly blossomed!


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