June Bug

June Bug (or Bug as we sometimes call her) came to us from a shelter in Austin, Texas. She was a "scarel", meaning she was not a wild feral cat, just a scared cat. Because of her fear, she was deemed unadoptable.

She is still shy and prefers to hide when you walk into the room. But if you are lucky, she just might allow you to pet her head ever so gently. She has a beautifully sleek coat and sports a little kink in her tail that we find so endearing. You will often find her absorbing the warm rays in a window and watching the birds.

June Bug is Sponsored!

I chose to sponsor June Bug because I have a special place in my heart for black kitties & my family would always call me their "June Bug" growing up so it was a no brainer!

Thank you for being such an amazing person & taking care of these precious babies!

Tons of love from Oklahoma!

--Kayla King

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