Jasmine came to us a few years ago as a kitten along with her mother, Lacey and her two sisters, Kali and Raven. Lacey brought the three identical, black kittens to our home’s porch to show them where they could find food. For weeks, we tried to tame the kittens without much luck. We felt they could not just be returned to the woods as we have several predators and harsh winters and felt they would not last. So after they were all spayed and vaccinated, they settled in to live at the sanctuary.

They’ve all grown up to be absolutely beautiful girls. Although they are all solid black, Jasmine has a white “locket” on her chest. She is the most skittish. But momma Lacey can usually be found snuggling with her girls. She still gathers them together for group naps and baths. We love that they remained an intact little family.


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