Hopie is our only kitty with radial hypoplasia, or "twisty limbs syndrome", or "squitten". Her front legs are shorter than normal and bend forward instead of back. She sits up like a kangaroo but can't walk normally. Her front elbows help her scoot and land when she jumps. Because of her inability to walk normally, she cannot use a normal litter box even if it is very short, so she lives in the kitchen/laundry area of our sanctuary where we can accommodate her needs. We use washable liners on the floor and have lots of pillows and soft areas where she can rest or land if she jumps. Her favorite way to sleep is inside a travel neck pillow where she can support her front legs comfortably.

Hopie came to us as a temporary lodger, but her guardian never reclaimed her and would not return our phone calls. But it's their loss as she's an absolute joy and we love having her as one of our permanent residents.

Hopie is Sponsored!

Thank you Geary Davis for sponsoring Hopie!


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