A local rescue from the Missouri/Arkansas border contacted us mid-December 2022 asking us if we could take a blind, young kitty. An older gentleman saw her in his backyard and with the historic winter storm Elliott about to hit, he knew she would not survive. She was skin and bones, missing fur, and blind. The rescue was not experienced with blind cats, so we agreed to help her.

Not surprisingly, she arrived very distressed and absolutely ravenous. We could not feed her enough, it seemed. Her fur was licked down to the skin. We suspect she may have a food allergy so we’re trying to determine what triggers her. But she’s now gained weight and has found the kitchen drawer to be her safe space. She is extremely affectionate and so playful!

Our eye specialist discovered her blindness is caused by cataracts, which was a shock to find in such a young cat. He suspects it’s due to trauma but not certain as she doesn’t display any other related issues. Our plan is to fundraise for her cataract removal surgery, which would give her the gift of sight again. Stay tuned!


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