Evie and her sister, Luna, were the last of a large group of cats and kittens rescued from a horrible hoarding situation in Austin, Texas. While all the other cats were adopted, Evie became too stressed at the shelter and began losing all her fur. She was simply terrified. We tried to adopt her out but she became overly stressed and started to lose hair again and shut down. With no other options, she came to live with us at the Sanctuary.

Evie is a quiet and sweet girl - a little shy and timid but oh so sweet. She can often be found hiding under the covers on the couch ... so watch where you sit! Evie always has a startled look--those beautiful eyes are so expressive. She is probably the most mellow cat at the Sanctuary (unless you have treats, then all bets are off!). She sticks to herself but is always ready for a brushing or to cuddle on your lap. She is happy and healthy here at the Sanctuary.


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