Not all of our cats are blind. Cheeto came to us in 2015 from the Springdale, Arkansas shelter. He was brought in as a kitten and they quickly determined he was FIV positive (FIV+). Due to the publics' misunderstanding about FIV in cats, many shelters have a hard time finding adopters and unfortunately, FIV+ cats are often euthanized. The shelter reached out to us to see if we could take this rambunctious little kitten. Fortunately, we had room for him and welcomed him into our sanctuary.

Cheeto had grown to become a very handsome boy but was still a kitten at heart. He always asked for “ups” so he could ride our shoulder like he did when he was younger.

Cheeto was diagnosed with stomatitis late last year and had all his teeth removed to hopefully improve the ulcers in his mouth. After three rounds of medications and constant pain meds, he was not improving. Turns out the ulcer on the roof of his mouth had grown and was in fact squamous cell carcinoma. This type of cancer is untreatable and was spreading to his nasal cavities so we made the decision to let him go and prevent suffering. He was such a sweet and gentle soul. Fly free Cheeto. Say hi to your bestie, Jack.

Special thanks to Nadine Sewak for sponsoring Cheeto.

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