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Sponsor-a-Cat Program Sponsor-a-Cat Program Ariel, our newest resident, needs a sponsor! By sponsoring Ariel or another cat of your choice, your tax-deductible monthly donation of $30 allows us to continue to provide the cats with regular vet care, high quality food, and an engaging and comfortable quality of life. Meet the Cats here or click here to become a sponsor.
Host a Facebook Fundraiser! Host a Facebook Fundraiser! Did you know that you can create a Facebook fundraiser benefitting Blind Hope Cat Sanctuary? You have probably seen this done by friends on birthdays. In lieu of gifts, you can set up a fundraiser for the kitties!

Set up is so easy and you can find instructions here. You can personalize your message, ask your friends and family to donate, set a target, and even monitor how it is going and say thanks when your friends contribute! 

You can do this at any time for your birthday, other special occasions, in honor or memory of someone, or if you just want to raise money for Blind Hope Cat Sanctuary. The proceeds from your fundraiser helps us provide each kitty with the veterinary care, quality food, toys, litter, and treats they so deserve. Every dollar is 100% spent on the needs of our cats. We have no paid staff or overhead as our building, utilities, and associated maintenance are donated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us
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