Jupiter (Jupi) came to us from the same hoarding situation as Evening and Luna. She was an older kitten but very sick when she arrived. She had a bad upper respiratory infection and developed a skin allergy that caused her to lose hair in patches. She was deemed unadoptable. Since the house was going to be bulldozed, Jupi had to be relocated so she came to live at the Sanctuary. Her skin condition flares up throughout the year. You might see her looking less than beautiful sometimes, but rest assured she is under a doctor’s care and receiving medication for her issues. Also, because she’s solid white, we treat her ears and nose with cat-safe sunscreen during the summer. Jupi and Loola are most at risk for skin cancer, being solid white. Jupi is a big, sweet, cuddly girl now who loves nothing more than sitting in your lap with her head tucked into your arm. She knows she’s loved.