Jamie came to us through a TNR effort in Austin. Animal Control had asked us to help a Section 8 development where kids had been arrested for setting fire to cats. The development was overrun with cats and the best solution was to work with the property manager and tenants to get all ferals fixed (and possibly relocated), kittens into foster, and adoptable strays into an adoption program. Jamie didnít fall into any of those categories. He was an older kitten who was semi-feral. He was deemed unadoptable by the shelter and not accepted into their adoption program. He came to the sanctuary in hopes of being socialized, but he would never socialize enough to be accepted. He became a permanent resident. Today, heís a gentle soul who loves everyone and is quite a snuggle bug. But he remains unadoptable as he would revert back to being a scared little cat in a new environment. Jamie is one of our long-haired cats who develops the most gorgeous mane in the winter. We think heís trying to impress the ladies.