Sometimes a kitty just finds us on his own. Sprout appeared at our home in 2017 as a young teenager. Star, our outdoor kitty who came with the house, took him under her wing and showed him the ropes. He was very rambunctious but Star was a great Mom and taught him manners.

After getting him neutered, chipped and vaccinated, he calmed down quite a bit. He stays on our property, exploring the barn, fields, and woods. He sleeps in the heated and protected porch. Both Sprout and Star accompany us on our walks, flopping in front of us for belly rubs. Sprout likes to walk in sync between our feet, bumping into our ankles as we walk. His favorite activity is to chase acorns we toss for him across the field. He never retrieves them, though. He is a cat after all.


  Watch a video of Sprout.


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